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Cannot get the job without the experience, cannot get the experience without the job. A common problem for new starters.
• Refer to training & development needs of WHS personnel and advice to new WHS personnel
• Get at least a Cert IV in WHS BSB40415 and a Cert IV in Training and assessment, TAE40110, many employers will see this as basic qualifications, realise these are just learner permits.
• Recognise the best jobs go to those with tertiary safety qualifications
• Get a mentor
• Join a professional association, attend activities and get yourself known
• Get active on the LinkedIn WHS forums, there is currently some discussion that is relevant on the WHS Professional LinkedIn forum, be visible on the forums and promote your case
• Get a really good resume
• Learn how to manage job interviews
• Develop a highly advanced bull-dust detector as you will need it
• Network with safety people, many jobs are not advertised and come from personal referrals
• Accept the fact that recruitment consultants will frequently mess you around
• Volunteer to get experience
• Be a lifelong learner
• Once you have a really good resume register it with the major employment agencies, often they will source from their files instead of advertising a job