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How do I get a job with the Australian Institute of Accredited Training

We are adding to scope. What skills and knowledge are you able to contribute towards a sucessful partnership?

To uphold our mission of exceptional education, inspiring educators and outstanding experience we need a team of committed, passionate and dedicated professionals. At the Australian Institute of Accredited Training we live and breathe our values of trust, determination, passion, growth and excellence and we are 100% committed towards our goal of being recognised as Australia’s leading training provider.

Once we receive your application, resume, cover letter and any other relevant documents that you have uploaded, it is then distributed to the appropriate Manager for their shortlisting process. If you are shortlisted you will be contacted to progress to the next stage. 

What we love to see…

  • Excellence: This should be displayed in your application. Always make sure that you proof read your resume and cover letter
  • Passion: Tell us why you would love to work for the Australian Institute of Accredited Training
  • Determination: Tell us about your goals and how you have or are planning to reach them
  • Trust: Trust that we treat your application with confidentiality and that we select the most suitable candidate for the position
  • Growth: Ensure your resume displays your qualifications and outlines your career progression or in some cases, your career path
  • An up to date resume
  • Referee details that are up to date. Ensure you contact your referees and confirm that they are happy to give you a reference and that you let them know the types of positions you will be applying for
    Professionalism: If you have included photo in your resume then please keep it professional and business like

Cover Letter:

  • This should begin by outlining the position you have applied for
  • A brief outline of your experience and qualifications
  • What you are looking for
  • Why you are suitable for the position
  • Why you would love to work for the Australian Institute of Accredited Training