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When you choose us as your training provider you benefit from the following:

The Australian Institute of Accredited Training is a niche training provider based in Perth, working in close collaboration with diverse clients ranging from industries in mining, oil & gas, government, construction, military and the public sector.

The Australian Institute of Accredited Training combines a highly qualified and experienced staff base to facilitate flexible nationally recognised training across Leadership & Management, Training & Assessment and Work Health & Safety.

Delivery methods are flexible and include workshop, face to face and online for easier integration into work schedules. All courses are able to be customised for industry.

The Australian Institute of Accredited Training offers training in two specific markets, the corporate training market, assisting organisations to develop their staff as well as the individual market, assisting individuals to improve their skills, careers and competitiveness.

The Australian Institute of Accredited Training commitment to quality is articulated throughout every aspect of the organisation. The Australian Institute of Accredited Training team ensure that the highest level of education is provided in a dynamic and practical style to maximise the individual’s learning journey. With the Australian Institute of Accredited Training learning is not focused on simply attending a session, but the application of those skills to the work environment.

The Australian Institute of Accredited Training strives to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with clients and provides a dedicated team for the duration of each contractInitial consultation, evaluation and analysis of training requirements:

  • A high level of customised training and personalised support
  • Professional service delivery from experienced and qualified trainers
  • Proactive account management ensuring free-flowing communication
  • Regular requests for client feedback and reviews of service delivery

The Australian Institute of Accredited Training is currently proving a wide range of training and assessment programs as well as value-added services, designed to meet the growing needs of individuals and corporations. Our experienced team of training professionals train staff at large corporations, small-medium businesses and sporting organisations. Our rapid business growth and expanding client base is a testament to our high standard of service delivery.

The Australian Institute of Accredited Training continually strives to exceed client expectations with an end-to-end approach, managing costs and administration whilst enhancing the organisation’s productivity and effectiveness. The Australian Institute of Accredited Training strives to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with clients and provides a dedicated team for the duration of each contract.

Professional trainers

All of our trainers are industry professionals with years of experience in their chosen fields. This allows for understanding above the required level and knowledge to complement the educational process. Our training facilities are first class, centrally based and easy access to main roads. Our competitive edge is the ease and cost effectiveness of our services which are aligned to customer requirements. The value for money of our courses can be measured over many years of operation in the field and the efficiency of our post course assessments. To increase your professional advantage, talk to our team. They will put you on the correct path to enhanced career prospects long into the future.

In class face-to-face delivery

The classes are delivered at our Career Development Centre in Perth specifically designed for student focused inclusive learning. Students are able to receive individual attention which combined with the advantages of class interaction provides for a broad spectrum of educational experience. The competency-based and inclusive approach of the trainers, provide student focused course structures which lead to the acquisition of new knowledge, skills and attitudes, which in turn enables graduates to operate more efficiently and effectively in their respective workplaces.

Distance learning

Students who are unable to attend class and prefer to lean in a solo capacity are given all of the educational materials covered in class and are able to study at their own pace in the comfort of their own home. Educational coaching and mentoring is available to assist individuals with any aspect of their course with which they required external guidance and direction.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Students who have extensive experience with the appropriate subject matter, and feel that they have the relevant knowledge, skills, experience and supporting evidence are able to have their skills assessed and recognised. There is no point in sitting in a class when you already have all the requirements of the qualification.

Industry contextualisation

Where industry prefers, the Australian Institute of Accredited Training is able to adapt all courses to suit the individual needs of industry. This involves establishing customer requirements, developing specific training, delivery and review against the measure of educational outcomes.