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About the Australian Institute of Accredited Training

The Australian Institute of Accredited Training is an Australian training company offering nationally accredited Certificate IV and Diploma courses under a 3rd party arrangement with RTO 52635.

The Australian Institute of Accredited Training is a unique training provider and we want all our students to feel like part of the family from the moment you make first contact. Our mission statement is helping you shape your future, and our team exemplifies this mission statement to ensure we give you our valued customer an excellent experience.

With a niche in the professional development, education, training and business consulting industry. We deliver competency based training and management programs for staff professional development and skills enhancement for capacity building in competitive organisations and productive workplaces.

Led by Director Garth Schumann, the heritage of the Australian Institute of Accredited Training is forged on decades of providing quality training and education results across all levels of vocational education and training in Australia. We facilitate skills transformation through our expertise in many areas such work health and safety, training and assessment, coaching and mentoring, management and business.

Focusing on Australian career training, we deliver robust vocational education courses with the hope that when you a student walks out of the doors of the Australian Institute of Accredited Training, you’re not just walking out with a piece of paper you’re walking out with the tools you need to actually shape your future.

All courses are developed, customised, conducted, assessed and certified to the standards set by the Training Accreditation Council of Western Australia

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Meet the Director

Garth Schumann together with Professor Henry Aruffo co-founded Coral Reef Institute which grew into more than an ocean oriented institutition and through diversification has become the Australian Institute of Accredited Training. A dynamic business consultation and training provider that offers world-class innovative training solutions and application strategies that drives performance and wealth opportunities.

As an educational professional and career development manager, Garth has gained considerable knowledge and experience in the implementation, delivery and management of nationally accredited contextualised and bespoke training systems for the future career progression, planning and development of both individuals and corporations alike.

His passion and dedication for quality systems is evident in everything that he does, being awarded recognition and documented testimonials from his many satisfied customers. His enthusiasm for adult education and lifelong learning is demonstrated through his engagement of clients to “achieve the very best they possibly can”.

After fifteen years of working his way around the world as a SCUBA Instructor and PADI Course Director to expand his experience he has evolved his experience and expertise from the underwater classroom to educational management.

Through his ability to motivate others, to increase his influence to a greater client base through the direct implementation and supervision of those directly responsible for learning, Garth has designed and managed many educational systems that are directly applicable to customer needs and educational requirements.

Garth is Perth based and his specialties include: sales, management, training the trainer, coaching, mentoring, business coaching, creative thinking, problem-solving, negotiating, customer service, marketing, innovation, inspiring, motivating and driving passion to help individuals and corporations achieve their goals and ambitions.

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3rd party arrangements with Logicus Training Solutions 52635:
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE40110
Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety BSB41415
Certificate IV in Leadership Managemnet BSB40215
Diploma of Work Health and Safety BSB51315